Sunday, August 14, 2011

The First Month

I'm so jazzed to tell you that we've been open for a month. Time has flown by and so many
great experiences have happened in the shop. We've met so many new people and
I must say the Golden Gate district is hands down the coolest neighborhood that
I was lucky enough to call home. I tried my best to capture some of the
best moments of the month, but alas as I am also baking, baking, baking I was limited to
my photography skills but here are some really good ones~

~ We finally introduced the giant cupcake to the family. I know, it's ridiculous
that we did not offer it before but it felt like the perfect moment once they reached
the cupcake stands. This is Jonathan, one of our first customers and also the first
to devour a giant cupcake ( he was so excited!). A classic moment~

~There's nothing better than children's art~


~This is quite the amazing cupcake in our shop. Peter Pan is a chocolate cupcake
topped with chocolate and green sprinkles. We also just added a
pretzel stick to top of the frosting
(hey, he needed a feather,we were going nuts over this!) and voila!
I also wanted folks to know that the peanut butter inspiration
for this cupcake actually stems from a childhood memory ~

~A going away present to our wonderful and talented neighbors,
The Sustainable Living Roadshow. Here's a short video
of the amazing things they do

~Our first Happy Birthday Song~

~Summer camp treasure hunt. If only I could have ended up
at a cupcake shop when I was in summer camp! ~

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