Friday, December 30, 2011

A look back.......

A little reflection on 2011.......
This was a major year for James and The Giant Cupcake. So many wonderful changes for the company, we moved into our very own cupcake shop and have shared so many wonderful experiences with customers, old and new. We couldn't be any happier and there are so many exciting things to look forward to in 2012. Here are a few great memories from our last month of 2011 at the shop~

One of our top selling cupcakes, 'Molly Ringwald'. Strawberry cupcakes topped with vanilla bean buttercream frosting and dipped in hot pink's amazing, trust me I've devoured plenty of these babies, mmmmm!

We created a winter cupcake called ' Jack Frost' which literally flew off the cupcake stands in December so we're keeping it around all winter long. What is in this scrumptous cupcake? Chocolate cupcake filled with mini chocolate chips and cream cheese, topped with sky blue cream cheese frosting and snowflake sprinkles~

~Holiday decor~

~Thanks for a great year! We'll see you at the shop in 2012~

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

YAO presents***Fantastic*** `

Check out the most awesome mix for 2011!
Brought to you all the way from Hong Kong, this mix titled "Fantastic" is bound to get your head bobbin and your hips moving while you enjoy a cupcake, cruise around town or get your own party started. Created by the one and only Yao aka Yaosers, a native Bay Arean, pop in the shop and get your copy for only $5!

Friday, November 25, 2011

RAW Awards in San Francisco

These pictures are from the RAW Awards we catered at 111 Minna street art gallery. The art was absolutely amazing and jam packed with seriously fabulous fashionistas , alluring belly dancers to giant copper horses. I had a blast, it's always fun to bring some Oakland cupcake love to the city.

~Chocolate Chili~
~Vegan Sweet Potato~
~Sea Salt Caramel~
~Red Velvet~
~Peanut butter & Jelly~

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Spooktacular Halloween

Come get a spooky cupcake on Halloween at James And The Giant Cupcake.
We will be open on Halloween ( Monday, October 31st) from 10am-3pm
Cupcakes are a great addition to kick off a smashing Halloween and we've got some cool new flavors below~

~ Candy Corn- Chocolate cupcakes topped with vanilla bean buttercream, orange sprinkles and a candy corn~

~Haunted Boardwalk- Chocolate or Vanilla cupcakes topped with vanilla bean buttercream and dipped in orange and black eerie sprinkles~

~The Mummy- A chocolate cupcake mummy topped with peanut butter frosting bandages ~

~October 31st Halloween Flavors~
The Mummy
Haunted Boardwalk ( available in chocolate & vanilla)
Candy Corn
Red Velvet

We recommend placing your order as soon as possible to ensure your desired date and time. To place an order visit our website or call your order in at 510.596-8834

See you soon, Bugs & Hisses!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Shark Week

Introducing the newest cupcake.....

~Oh yeah, we took it there. 'Jaws' is the name of this latest
cupcake creation- Chocolate cupcake
with vanilla bean buttercream, dipped in blue sprinkles
and topped with a mint Milano
cookie fin. Watch out!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The First Month

I'm so jazzed to tell you that we've been open for a month. Time has flown by and so many
great experiences have happened in the shop. We've met so many new people and
I must say the Golden Gate district is hands down the coolest neighborhood that
I was lucky enough to call home. I tried my best to capture some of the
best moments of the month, but alas as I am also baking, baking, baking I was limited to
my photography skills but here are some really good ones~

~ We finally introduced the giant cupcake to the family. I know, it's ridiculous
that we did not offer it before but it felt like the perfect moment once they reached
the cupcake stands. This is Jonathan, one of our first customers and also the first
to devour a giant cupcake ( he was so excited!). A classic moment~

~There's nothing better than children's art~


~This is quite the amazing cupcake in our shop. Peter Pan is a chocolate cupcake
topped with chocolate and green sprinkles. We also just added a
pretzel stick to top of the frosting
(hey, he needed a feather,we were going nuts over this!) and voila!
I also wanted folks to know that the peanut butter inspiration
for this cupcake actually stems from a childhood memory ~

~A going away present to our wonderful and talented neighbors,
The Sustainable Living Roadshow. Here's a short video
of the amazing things they do

~Our first Happy Birthday Song~

~Summer camp treasure hunt. If only I could have ended up
at a cupcake shop when I was in summer camp! ~

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Extra! Extra! James And The Giant Cupcake opens a store!

Helloooo!! I'm so happy to be back, how I missed my blog. So what had been the reason for the 2 month gap is what you'll see below. It was work, the most fun work at that, bringing the place together, but when I see the pictures I'm reminded of how amazing the whole experience was. We are now located in the Golden Gate district, right near the corner of San Pablo and Alcatraz and we love our new neighborhood!! There are so many new things we'll be doing after we get settled in our new home so look out for updates. Until then, come enjoy a cupcake in our lovely new spot~

~James And The Giant Cupcake~
6326 San Pablo Ave
Oakland, CA. 94608