Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Spooktacular Halloween

Come get a spooky cupcake on Halloween at James And The Giant Cupcake.
We will be open on Halloween ( Monday, October 31st) from 10am-3pm
Cupcakes are a great addition to kick off a smashing Halloween and we've got some cool new flavors below~

~ Candy Corn- Chocolate cupcakes topped with vanilla bean buttercream, orange sprinkles and a candy corn~

~Haunted Boardwalk- Chocolate or Vanilla cupcakes topped with vanilla bean buttercream and dipped in orange and black eerie sprinkles~

~The Mummy- A chocolate cupcake mummy topped with peanut butter frosting bandages ~

~October 31st Halloween Flavors~
The Mummy
Haunted Boardwalk ( available in chocolate & vanilla)
Candy Corn
Red Velvet

We recommend placing your order as soon as possible to ensure your desired date and time. To place an order visit our website or call your order in at 510.596-8834

See you soon, Bugs & Hisses!

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